What is the Poeltl Archive game and how to play it? 2022

how to play Poeltl Archive game2022

Poeltl Archive game game


The Poeltl Archive game Game is a well-known game. This game is designed for National Basketball Association lovers. 


The Poeltl Archive game was introduced on February 26, 2022, and has gained popularity among NBA fans. In the Poeltl Archive game, users have to guess and choose the right player from an NBA player. 


You will have eight different options from which you have to guess the player. In these options, you have to select the name of the player and fill in the name of the player.


After filling in the name, you will see the search list. You have to choose the player from the search list. After choosing the player, your answer will verify that you gave the right answer or that your answer is wrong. The Poeltl Archive game is a very interesting game.


If you gave the correct answer, you will win the game; if you don’t, you have seven other options from which to predict the player’s posture. You will repeat this act again and again till you guess the right one.


How do you play the Poeltl Archive game?

how to play Poeltl Archive game game 2022
            Poeltl Archive game game


If you want to play the Poeltl Archive game, then visit the official page of the website. On the official Poeltl Archive game website, you will see the bar on their interface. This bar is known as the “guess bar.”

how to play Poeltl Archive game game
              Poeltl Archive game

Here, you have to fill in the players’ name by seeing their posture. For 24 hours, you can see the posture of the player on the website. After completing the 24 hours, the posture of the player will change.


When you guess the posture of the player, then fill in his name and see your results. This is the game procedure.



If you want to play the old game, then you have to change some settings in your system because, as you know, the new game is only available for 24 hours.

For PC:


If you want to play Poeltl Archive game on your PC, you have to set the date and time on your PC. To change the date and time of your desire, you have to follow these steps:

  • Click on the setting option on your PC.
  • You will see the option of time and date in the settings. Tap on it.
  • Now you will see the time set automatically. Turn it off.
  • After turning it off, you will see a set-time manually option.
  • Click to change.
  • Now set the date and time of your choice.
  • Now users can now play the old version of the Poeltl Archive game.



For Smart Phones:


If you want to play the old-school phone game on your smartphone, then change the time and date. To change the date and time, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Click on the Date and Time option.
  • You have to turn off the automatically set date and time option.
  • Now add the date and time manually of your choice.
  • Go to the official website and play the game.

How to Guess the mystery player in the game.


  •  You have eight chances to guess You can try any present NBA player!
  • Any column that is green indicates an occurrence!
  • The yellow color on the team column is a clue to the mystery player who at one time was on this team but isn’t currently
  • The yellow color on the position column indicates a partial match for the position of the player in question.
  • Any other column that is yellow indicates that this feature is located within two (inches and years, or numbers) of the player who is in question.
  • If you’re stuck, try activating shadow mode!
  • Each day a new mystery player is revealed. day!





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