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Help Build a Right-Sized Organizational Design

How your organization is structured will dictate how it performs. As your business and IT strategies change, so too must your organizational structure. Learn how to build, staff, and implement a right-sized organizational structure in order to drive value in your organization.

  • Call #1: Prioritize IT Capabilities

    Assess your current IT organizational chart. Discuss current capabilities and prioritize them. Review the IT Organizational Design Capability Assessment.

  • Call #2: Build the Target Structure

    Identify key jobs and roles for the target organization. Define the span of control and reporting relationships. Define needed competencies.

  • Call #3: Implement Changes

    Define approach to change, complete stakeholder analysis, create communication plan and implementation plan.

Help Build an Organization Change Management Plan

Making changes in your department requires employee buy-in and follow through. Some employee personas can negatively impact the change process, so it is important to manage these people before one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

  • Call #1: Develop a Change Communication Plan

    Identify where the team buy in is needed and where rebellion may be lurking.

  • Call #2: Get Employees On Board

    Keep your team on track while introducing the new change by managing your different staff personas.

  • Call #3: Keep Your Employees in the Loop

    Constant communication during a change is essential for continued employee buy-in.

Help with a Difficult Conversation You’re Dreading

Whether you’re dealing with a hostile personality or delivering bad news, learning to have difficult conversations is a critical part of management. Avoiding them can negatively impact productivity and engagement.

  • Call #1: Identify Common Issues

    Understand common concerns and how to overcome them.

  • Call #2: Prepare for the Conversation

    Use the tried and true EASE framework to get ready for the difficult conversations.

  • Call #3: Debrief

    Conduct a post-mortem to discuss the outcome of the conversation and how to improve for next time.

Help Onboard Your New Managers With Build a Better Manager Series

Use our Build a Better Manager (BBM) blueprints to prepare first-time people leaders in their transition from peer to manager.

  • Call #1: Understanding New Manager Development Needs

    An initial scoping call with an Analyst to discuss your priorities and needs with respect to building managerial and leadership skills in your new people leaders. This call includes an overview of the 3 Build a Better Manager blueprints to help you identify which set you’d like to move forward with in the GI, if not all of them. Our Build a Better Manager series includes Basic Management Skills (Time Management & Delegation, and Accountability); Personal Leadership (Knowing Your Role In The Organization, Knowing Their Role In Decision Making, and Managing Conflict Constructively); and Manage Your People (Communicate Effectively, Performance Management, Giving Coaching & Feedback).

  • Calls #2 & #3:

    To be determined during Call #1 and based on the specific modules in which you’d like to proceed.

  • Additional Calls:

    You have the option of continuing GI calls until all BBM modules have been covered.

Help Improve Your Team’s Engagement

As a manager, you play a vital role in keeping employee engagement in check. Low engagement can lead to increased turnover, reduced productivity, and stifled creativity, costing your department time and money. Learn how to roll out an engagement survey and act on the results to create positive change in your team.

  • Call #1: Analyze and Communicate Survey Results

    Understand and communicate the results of the employee engagement survey with your department.

  • Call #2: Develop a Targeted Approach to Improve Engagement

    Solicit further employee input to identify root causes of and actions to address core issues.

  • Call #3: Analyst Follow-Up

    Create and implement an action plan to increase employee engagement.


Find out what your employees really think to identify key drivers to increase satisfaction and productivity.

Diagnostic Program Screenshot

IT Employee Diagnostic Program

Go beyond job satisfaction and find out what drives employee productivity. We take a multi-leveled approach to tackle engagement from surveying, to reporting, to actual implementation support and assistance.

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McLean Leadership Index

McLean Employee Experience Monitor

The McLean Employee Experience Monitor is a single question that is highly correlated to engagement and overall financial results. Using a high frequency, low effort, high impact 1-question survey, we help organizations recalibrate the purpose, cadence, and focus of engagement towards leaders.

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