Justify Headcount

Justify IT's

Demonstrate the correlation between staffing and business satisfaction, supported by industry peer benchmarks.

Allocate Staff

Allocate Staff
More Effectively

Pinpoint misalignments between how FTEs are deployed and the priority of the service areas your teams work on.

Get The Most Out Of The Team

Get the Most Out
of Your Teams

Manage your team better by gathering feedback about how your staff want to be managed across 7 drivers of effective teams.

Benefits of an IT Staffing Assessment

Staffing Benchmarking


See your key staffing metrics at a glance and how they compare against your peers across over 4000 organizations

Use this data to determine whether you and your team are in line with industry benchmarks and how to course-correct

Assess staffing levels, cost, seniority, and span of control

Time Breakdown IT Function

Time Breakdown
by IT Function

Assess staffing levels across 20 IT functions

Compare staffing levels against business priorities to ensure alignment

Uncover under/overstaffed areas and validate against benchmarks

Time Breakdown Activity

Time Breakdown
by Activity

Evaluate resource time spent on high value vs low value activities

Compare activity breakdowns by IT function and by role

Establish targets by area and ensure your team has the support to get there

IT Function Effectiveness Assessments

IT Function

Get scorecard-based assessments of IT function effectiveness from both IT and the business

Assess effectiveness across 7 drivers, including processes, technology, and team skills, to determine the best path to improvement

Get staff feedback on improvement ideas and waste reduction initiatives, using our templates to create a targeted improvement plan

What's inside the box

Our comprehensive report shows you exactly where IT staff time is going and whether or not it's effectively driving results. Communicate how IT staff support the business and use included feedback from your staff to guide improvement exercises..

Slide 1
  • Visualize what IT staff are working on

  • Evaluate 20 IT functions across 9 areas of IT

  • Determine if IT is allocating resources appropriately

Slide 2
  • Understand IT effort by activity type

  • Evaluate 10 activity types ranging from Improvement to Maintenance

  • Use staff feedback to free up more time for improvement initiatives

Slide 3
  • Evaluate each IT function

  • A comprehensive scorecard for all 20 functions

  • Determine which drivers you need to improve

IT Staffing Assessment

Average Days Saved 22

Average Dollars Saved $37.0k

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